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The beautiful national monument, which was once a former bank, is located a stone’s throw away from Tilburg Central Station in the characteristic ‘Dwaalgebied’. The cosy basement bar, the piano in the living area, the terrace, the 12 Tilburg themed rooms, and the sublime beds ensure a memorable and comfortable stay. The international team create a casual and unique atmosphere, and they are more than happy to share their favorite places in Tilburg with you.

Are you searching for an unforgettable stay? At Hostel Roots is where you will find your home in Tilburg. See you soon!


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We would like to inform how we try to survive the Corona Crisis and which new ideas we came up with during this period

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Our 12 spacious and bright rooms vary from a 12-person shared dorm room to a 2-person private room and even a Tiny House. The variety of room types means that Hostel Roots is extremely suitable for all: families, sport teams, concert visitors, couples, friend groups, people on business; there is a place for everyone.
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Hostel Roots - Tiny House Spoorzone

Roots Tiny House

Finally you have the chance to spend the night in the Spoorzone and also in the smallest hotel in Tilburg. Well, hotel... The Tiny House on the Burgemeester Brokxlaan is a complete studio of about 25 m².

Basement Bar Hostel Roots Tilburg - ruimte voor groepen - presentaties - meetings

ROOTS basement bar

One of the most important areas within the Hostel is the Roots basement bar. It lies partially beneath street level; and 100 years ago, it functioned as a bank vault. This space was transformed into a bar where you can play darts, table tennis, beer pong and the old Dutch game of who can hammer a nail into the wood stump the fastest.

The bar lends itself perfectly for meetings, presentations, group dinners, and birthday parties.

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Basement Hostel Roots - Sign bar naast lift - Coffee, breakfast, drinks and bites
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Ideal for families of six, or friend groups of twenty, or even a business company of 70 employees. The excellent location, the great quality and price, and our willingness to go the extra mile, make Hostel Roots the only suitable accommodation for groups in Tilburg.

about Roots

On 1st of April 2017, Koen and Marion opened the first Hostel in Tilburg. Since then you cannot imagine Tilburg anymore without Hostel Roots, and it has become a real asset for Tilburg and its visitors. Tilburg has been developing for the last couple of years. There was no better moment and no better place to start a hostel. Want to read more over Koen and Marion, the national monument and the friendly town of Tilburg?

Over Hostel Roots - Koen en Marion bij de entree