Cafe Noir Tilburg

Cafe Noir

Café Noir is one of our favorite drinks bars and around the corner from Hostel Roots. Here you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere and the team is happy to surprise you with their new lunch dishes, snacks and a fantastic glass of wine or cocktail.

Nieuwlandstraat 51, 5038 SM
5 minutes walk from Hostel Roots


Bargús taps, serves and cooks everything they like and have brought with them from their travels to their small but oh-so-nice bar: lots of love on your plate or in your glass! The couple consists of Hilke (hostess among thousands) & Steven (rock in the surf). The most important football matches from home and abroad are also broadcast here. Due to the friendliness of the guests and the host and hostess, this never prevails.

Heuvelstraat 139a, 5038 AD
5 minutes walk from Hostel Roots

Bargus Tilburg
Cafe Bakker Tilburg

Cafe Baker

Cafe Bakker is a new style drinks bar. Bakker stands for robust, industrial and cozy! Within that atmosphere they offer home-grown beers and good wines
and drinks boards. Great to start your weekend or to have a dance later.

Heuvel 44 & 45, 5038 CS
10 minutes walk from Hostel Roots


Kandinsky is one of the most famous beer cafes in Tilburg! At specialty beer café Kandinsky they have more than 200 types of beer! They not only have Belgian classics, but also new craft beers.

Telegraafstraat 58, 5038 BM
5 minutes walk from Hostel Roots

Kandinsky Tilburg
De Vos en de Craen - Fotografie Jules van Iperen

The fox and the craen

De Vos en de Craen is a Burgundian beer and café. They have 18 beers on tap, 5 of which are rotating taps. In this café you can also enjoy various dishes with and without beer!

Piusplein 2, 5038 WL
10 minutes walk from Hostel Roots

Mayor Jansen

Tapperij Burgemeester Jansen is a cozy pub on the Piushaven. Mayor Jansen is known for his wide range of specialty beer, wine and whiskeys.

Very accessible and no hassle.

Piushaven 22, 5017 AN
15 minutes walk from Hostel Roots

Burgemeester Jansen Tilburg
Berlijn Cafe

berlin cafe

Café Berlin is a creative café on 'de Korvel' with their terrace on the street, there is always plenty to do. There is also always plenty to do: from fun themed parties, beer tastings, pop quizzes and regular live music.

Café Berlin is located on Korvelseweg; the most multicultural street around the center of Tilburg and the road towards the King Willem II stadium.

Korvelseweg 169, 5025 JD
15 minutes walk from Hostel Roots