cultural night out

Theaters Tilburg

Theaters Tilburg is the theater of Tilburg. Here you can enjoy a diverse range of changing performances. The Tilburg theater is an accessible place to come into contact with art, music and theater. Perfect for a cultural night out.

Louis Bouwmeesterplein 1, 5038 TN
10 minutes walk from Hostel Roots

6. Theater Tilburg
De Nieuwe Vrost

de nieuwe vorst

De Nieuwe Vorst is an intimate theater hidden in a historic villa in Tilburg. In their offering, entertainment and content go hand in hand. They want to show what matters in a relaxed atmosphere and with pleasure.

Willem II street 49, 5038 BD
5 minutes walk from Hostel Roots 


Cinecitta is an arthouse cinema that has been showing films for more than 100 years. Documentaries and foreign films are shown in the six halls. As they say so beautifully: “No blockbusters, but special films for people who don't go along with the crowd.”

Willem II street 29, 5038 BA
5 minutes walk from Hostel Roots