pop venue 013

013, named after the area code of Tilburg, is THE music venue of the Benelux. They have a wide and unique range of concerts and dance nights, for both a show for 300 and 3000 visitors, it's all possible at 013. 013 is a wonderful place to enjoy your favorite performances.

Veemarktstraat 44, 5038 CV
10 minutes walk from Hostel Roots

5. 013


PaRaDoX is a stage for jazz in the broadest sense of the word: from modern jazz to jazz combinations with pop, hip hop, funk, world music, classical or blues. The program consists of well-known and unknown artists. There is also a chance to climb on stage yourself at one of the weekly jam sessions. These evenings open with a concert and then the session is 'open'. Fat!

Telegraafstraat 62, 5038 BM
5 minutes walk from Hostel Roots 


Little Devil is THE rock café in Tilburg. They have over 300 live performances annually in all genres from metal, punk to blues rock. They also have a wide range of special beers. After a night out at Little Devil, you can roll right back into bed at Roots!

Stationsstraat 27, 5038 EA
1 minute walk from Hostel Roots

Little Devil

the boom

Stadstheater de Boemel has existed since 2014 and is the undisputed hotspot and trendsetter in the Spoorzone. A special place with a festival and theater atmosphere all year round.

Burgemeester Brokxlaan 8-76, 5041 SB
10 minutes walk from Hostel Roots