All-inclusive workation

Give your employee or yourself the ideal working holiday for inspiration and relaxation. Your (employees') mental and physical health is more important than ever. Book an 'all-inclusive workation' now at Hostel Roots in Tilburg. Efficient work, supervised sports, healthy nutrition and a good night's sleep. 3 days - 2 nights Day 1. Welcome drink from the house, use of the room and workspace from 3 pm, dinner from FoodAtelier, cycle through the city, a wonderful night's sleep in a private room. Day 2. 'Good start' breakfast from Roots, hour of exercise and/or nutritional advice from a personal trainer, collecting creativity after exercise, lunch from Buutvrij, working efficiently in your quiet room, dinner from FoodAtelier, dreaming away in the nice room . Day 3. 'Good start' breakfast from Roots, hour of exercise and/or nutritional advice from a personal trainer, lunch from Buutvrij, working in your room until 2 pm (or longer if possible), goodbye committee from Roots says goodbye, in the evening you lie satisfied and content in your own bed. This arrangement can be scheduled very freely in terms of times.

All-inclusive Workation

Private room with private bathroom and balcony

New inspiring work environment with own workplace

(H) honest meals with local products from creative coffee café Buutvrij & Food Atelier

Workout and/or nutritional advice from the experienced personal trainer 'Frank Leijtens' from Prime Time Club

Roots Dopper water bottle & Roots tote bag

Roots bike at your disposal for 3 days

Parking space on our own property


Nice to know:

Walking distance from Tilburg Central Station

Cozy Basement Bar

Atmospheric living room with sitting area & pool table

Located in the beautiful Dwaalgebied with unique shops and specialty stores

For only €247 you can book the highly desired all-inclusive Workation for yourself or for your employee. Are you coming with a colleague or friend to gain inspiration and relaxation? Then you benefit from an extra discount. The 2nd person only pays €198 for the same package. You always spend the night in a spacious private room (with separate beds if possible). Please note: during the booking process you book a 2nd person pass, with extras via 2nd person in the room - workation deal




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For this all-inclusive workation, we work together with 3 professional teams. They are willing to offer a fantastic price for their product or service, just like us, so that we come to this attractive offer. Normally this package costs €444 per person. Thanks to this great collaboration, we can offer the workation from €222.50 per person*. *price based on 2 persons

Personal Training, Small Group Training, Nutritional Advice, Frank Leijtens

During your stay you will be trained twice for a full hour by the very experienced personal trainer and nutritionist Frank Leijtens. During this hour you can also choose to spend part of the time on nutritional advice. With regard to the training, a full body workout is set up at the level that suits you. From crossfit, (kick) boxing, self-defense, bodybuilding, sports-specific, boot camp, everything is possible, just what suits you as a person and where your interests lie. An introduction and an intake (video calling, about 10 minutes) are done in advance to agree on the wishes and times. This is important to set up a challenging and good training to get the most out of these training moments. It is also nice to get to know each other beforehand. Especially for Roots Workation, Frank agrees with you how you fill in the two hours. Also depending on the corona measures and depending on your wishes, the training is at Prime Time Club or in the open air. Frank prefers to schedule the training with you a week in advance. Would you like to take a look at Frank from Prime Time Club?


Buutvrij are our dear neighbors. For more than six years, Buutvrij has been one of the most popular places in Tilburg for breakfast, lunch and delicious coffee. An authentic place where you can live like a second living room. You can come here for a good cup of coffee, fresh (vegetable) juices, healthy yogurt bowls and super tasty sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, soups and salads. Especially for Roots Workation they prepare a delicious lunch where you can choose: 2 luxury sourdough sandwiches OR a meal salad juice, smoothie or drink homemade cake

FoodAtelier are our neighbors who prepare delicious vegetarian or vegan ready meals. Every week FoodAtelier offers a new varied takeaway menu; other main courses, salads, soups and quiches. They try to prepare these dishes as organically as possible and are freshly made by the team. In addition to savory dishes, they also make vegetarian and vegan sweet, healthy cakes and chocolates. I do not use any added sugars, so enjoy 'guilt free snacking'! Especially for Roots Workation you can choose two of the following dishes for dinner: main course, salad, soup or quiches.

Workspace Private Room

"I am very excited! Rented a workspace for the first time today to study. I liked this very much. I was welcomed very warmly by a man who clearly has a passion for his business. Coffee and tea were included in the price. The room was spacious and a lovely sunny balcony was included. I have been able to study excellently and have made considerable progress. It was a very productive day. So productive that I immediately made an appointment for next Friday.

E. Steijn - June '20

"I've had a good time in Roots these past few days. It occurred to me that I have only seen smiling and friendly faces in and around the property. And nice the welcome sign in 'my room'. It all contributed to being able to follow my lessons. That makes me realize that 'the place from which one learns' is so important and has an influence."

E. van Gulik - May '20

"Escape the house for a while"

L. Gosling - April 2, '20

Night away? Roots Kids Hotel is surprising and affordable!
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