Cycling through your own country. bikepackingholland

Are you looking for a sporty, healthy and budget-friendly way of traveling: choose backpacking by bike!

Bikepacking Holland is an initiative of 14 hostels in the Netherlands. A cycling tour put together by you through the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. There are various routes with an overnight stop in one of the most beautiful hostels in the Netherlands. Roots is one of the stops of Bikepacking Holland. Grab your bike and go on a cycling holiday through the Netherlands!

The international atmosphere, hospitality and unique accommodations in these hostels give you the feeling that you are far away from home.

Use the promo code "bikepackingholland" to make a reservation for this adventurous cycling holiday and the extra benefits we offer, because bikepackers make us happy. Experienced or not, every bikepacker has a special story.


Hostel Roots offers different room types and that is why we have extra friendly rates especially for Bikepacking Holland and you can choose from a bed in a shared room or a private double, triple or quadruple room. Prices are from €30 per person including standard breakfast. Use the code "bikepackingholland" at "BOOK NOW" on our site and view availability & rates.


    • Le Soigneur extra blond beer as a welcome drink on the house. The reward after the meet.
    • Dynamic Bike Care maintenance products are available so that you can have a clean bicycle again in 6 steps.
    • Tool station offered by BBB Cycling; All common repair tools are attached to this. This way, cyclists can make some adjustments to their bicycle before they hit the road, such as tightening nuts or even carrying out a minor repair.
    • Free bicycle storage in our own parking lot (closed at night) and the possibility to hose down and repair your bicycle
    • Free use of the washing machine for your mud and sweaty clothes
    • Towel, zeep & shampoo
    • Free standard breakfast


  • Upgrade the standard breakfast (included for bikepackers) to a more luxurious breakfast, opting for some extras such as sausage bread, eggs, fruit. 
  • Children up to 3 years free breakfast when purchasing breakfast from parent(s)
  • Packed lunch for on the road €5,- > on request
  • Piece of fruit for the road €1,- > on request


14 hostels throughout the Netherlands have joined forces and put together an attractive offer especially for cyclists. The route and several of these hostels have been visited by Bikepacking Hollandteam of Rik de Voogd and by Nol & Loek van Fatpigeon; video makers & cycling adventurers.

They came around too Hostel Roots spend the night in Tilburg after coming from Hostel ROOM in Rotterdam had left and then continued their route after a wonderful stay in Tilburg The Green Elephant in Maastricht. Now it also has forest inn & hostel Harba Lorifa joined bikepackingholland giving you a nice stopover in Valkenswaard in the South of the Netherlands.

All participating hostels at a glance:

Hostel Roots in Tilburg
Hostel Room in Rotterdam
Kings Inn in Alkmaar
Strowis in Utrecht
Will & Tate in The Hague
Hello I'm Local in Haarlem
Rebel Rebel Hostel in GroningenFlying Pig Beach Hostel in Noordwijk
Alibi Hostel in Leeuwarden
The Green Elephant in Maastricht
Hariba Lorifa Bosberg & Hostel in Valkenswaard
Uylenburg estate in Delfgauw
Hostel de Basis in Zwolle

At all these unique hostels you are assured of a great Bikepacking Holland experience!

Through you will find all hostels, cities and routes listed. If you go for a full experience, you will be on the bike for about 1100 km & 60 hours 🙂

We are happy to think along with you and have listed various tips for young, old, beginners, advanced, recreational cyclists, cyclists, mountain bikers, gravel races, to experience an adventurous day in the beautiful area of and around Tilburg.

  • In the Loonse and Drunense Duinen you will find forests, heathland and, above all, a lot of sand. It is one of the largest drifting sand areas in Western Europe. No less than 270 hectares with unique flora and fauna. From Tilburg it takes about 35 minutes to reach the Loonse and Drunense Dunes and then take shorter or longer cycling or walking routes. Recreational cyclists, cyclists and mountain bikers will all enjoy staying here.
  • The Oisterwijkse Bos and Fens and Kampina are also a beautiful area for cyclists (and walkers). The beautiful route from Hostel Roots starts after 5 minutes, passing Brabant farms and beautiful countryside. You can reach Oisterwijk within about 30 minutes. It is not called 'the Pearl in the Green' for nothing. Oisterwijk is located in the middle of the Groene Woud National Landscape. Cycling through the Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen, De Kampina, De Oude Hondsberg or the Moergestels Broek. While cycling you will get to know the beautiful nature of Het Groene Woud. Taking a break? Along the way you will come across plenty of cozy restaurants and cafes. Check the cycling route between Oisterwijkse Bossen and Kampina here
  • Stadbos013 starts about 10 minutes by bike from Hostel Roots and therefore the center of Tilburg. In the city forest you will find all kinds of recreational activities, with or without catering for young and old. Check out the special here 18 km MTB route, also ideal with children.
  • The cycle route between Tilburg and Turnhout is about 38 km and will be Bels Lijntje named. The former railway line has been used as a cycle path since the late 1920s.
  • The La Trappe cycle route is the perfect combination of sporty relaxation, culinary and nature. Choose from one of the routes: Green route of 41 km, red route of 35 km, extended red route of 67 km, purple route of 33 km, blue route of 41 km or extended blue route of 50 km. 
  • Visit Brabant is the marketing organization for the destination Brabant. They have also mapped cycling & MTB routes for you: &

Even more tips for your stay in Tilburg:

  • It Railway Park is a city park and day recreation area of approximately 10 hectares and was created by citizens' initiative. Here you will find an Urban Sports area, the 30-meter-high Kempen Tower, water 'playground' and the T-Huis for a snack and drink.
  • LocHal beautiful award-winning library
  • Meta Maze Doloris and Rooftop Bar won the Entree Award in the Daredevil category in 2019. This is THE catering award of the year. The Meta Maze is a surreal maze and a MUST DO. While enjoying a snack and a drink, afterwards chatting about this impressive experience with a view over Tilburg in the Rooftop bar, completes the experience.
  • The Piushaven is a beautiful urban area where living, working, water sports and hospitality go together. You will find very nice restaurants here and you can walk there from the center within 15 minutes. Continue your route “behind” the Piushaven and enter the Green “Moerenburg”.
  • Tilburg is THE Textile City of the country. It Textile Museum is of course located here, but also a modern art museum The ferry and Nature Museum Brabant can be found in our city.
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