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Flex workplaces at Hostel Roots

Roots offers spaces as a flexible workplace. Reservations required due to limited places.

Are you also looking for a work or study place because you cannot find peace and quiet at home? Hostel Roots offers the following:

  • Workplace for one day
    • in a private room
    • €35.00 for 1 person per day, 2nd person in the same room €15.00 per day
    • as an introduction: including a free Roots Dopper Water Bottle worth €12.50
    • free parking
  • Workplace for half a day (4 hours)
    • in a private room
    • for €20.00 per person, 2nd person in the same room €10.00
    • as an introduction: including a linen Roots bag worth €4.50
  • Student discount
    • On presentation of your student card, €10 or €5 discount per workplace:
      • €20 for a private workplace for one day for 1 student, 2 students together pay €30.00
      • €15.00 for a private workplace for half a day, 2 students together pay €25.00 for the same room

For relaxation, play a free game of darts or pool 😉

The perfect place for an efficient work or study day.

Do you want to make a reservation? Send a mail stating flexible workplace or call +31652308518.


Workspace Private Room
Workspace Living

"I am very enthusiastic! Today I rented a workspace for the first time to study. I really liked it. I was received very warmly by a man who clearly has a passion for his business. Coffee and tea were included in the price. The room was spacious and a lovely, sunny balcony was included. I was able to study very well and made a lot of progress. It was so productive that I immediately made an appointment for next Friday." 

E. Steijn - June '20

"I've had a good time in Roots the past few days. I realized that I have only seen smiling and friendly faces in and around the building. And I like the welcome sign in 'my room'. It all contributed to being able to my lessons. That makes me realize that 'the place from which one learns' is so important and has influence."

E. van Gulik - May '20

"Escape the house for a moment"

L. Gosling - April 2

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