Onze natuur en parken

De Piushaven

The Piushaven is a beautiful urban area where living, working, water sports and hospitality go hand in hand. With plenty of shops and restaurants on the waterfront, there is always something to do! At Hostel Roots you can even rent SUPS to discover this beautiful harbor. You can also cycle or walk from the Piushaven into the beautiful nature of Moerenburg.

Piushaven 36, 5017 AN
15 minute walk from Hostel Roots

8. Piushaven

Spoorpark & Spoorzone

The Spoorpark is part of the “Spoorzone”. A special piece of old & new Tilburg on the north side of the station. The Spoorpark is a city park on a former railway site, with old train tracks of about 10 hectares and was refurbished into a park due to citizens' initiative! You can have a nice picnic here, go rollerblading or, for example, climb the 30-meter high Kempentoren.

5038 SL
10 minute walk from Hostel Roots 

Loonse en Drunense duinen

The Loonse en Drunense dunes are a beautiful nature reserve with many shifting sand plains, vast forest, and wild heather. The area is ideal for hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers, and those of us who love to build sandcastles.

5151 RG Drunen 
35 minute drive by car from Hostel Roots

Oude warande

Oude Warande

De Oude Warande is an 18th-century forest park located at the university in the west side of Tilburg.

De Oude Warande, part of Stadsbos013, is one of the largest surviving baroque gardens in the Netherlands. The symmetrical forest is laid out like a star. In the center of the forest, you can find café Grotto, and a pavilion a part of the international art exhibition Lustwarande, which is held here every year.

5036 NE
15 minute by bike from Hostel Roots