live pianobar

Live Pianobar is a unique and versatile concept in Tilburg where you can count on an evening full of entertainment! Live Bar first opened its doors for live music in 2012.

Heuvel 43, 5038 CS
10 minute walk from Hostel Roots

Café Polly Maggoo

cafe polly maggoo

Polly started in 1980 as a small student café but has now grown into a multifunctional catering company. Here you can have a drink, sit on their terrace, and even go clubbing! What has undeniably remained the same over all these years, is the typical 'Polly atmosphere/vibe'. On Wednesday evenings you can have an extra party with 'dejongensvanjeweetwel' who put on an incredibly cool live show.

Heuvel 10, 5038 CN
10 minute walk from Hostel Roots 

cul de sac

Cul de Sac describes itself as the best alternative place to chill and have a good time. They have parties, live music, and a lot of different drinks!

Heuvel 48, 5038 CS
10 minute walk from Hostel Roots

Cul de Sac
Le Clochard

Le Clochard

Le Clochard has been Tilburg's leading party café for 30 years. Most Tilburg resident of Tilburg have been here at some point, no matter the age or background! 😉

Heuvel 16, 5038 CN
10 minuten lopen vanaf Hostel Roots