You can rent SUPS from us to discover the waters around Tilburg. SUP is an activity for all ages and suitable for all levels. You can rent a board for 2 hours for €20, or €40 for a whole day. For more information or to make a reservation, click here

Stationsstraat 41, 5038 EC
0 minute walk from Hostel Roots 😉

Hostel Roots Bikes for rent


Tilburg has the perfect environment to discover by bike. For example, you have several La Trappe cycling routes that show all different kinds of surroundings. There are also 'rest points' on these routes where you can stop for a well-deserved break, with your favorite La Trappe beer.

Bikes can be rented from us!

Stationsstraat 41, 5038 EC
0 minute walk from Hostel Roots 😉


Climbing and bouldering are the most accessible and at the same time the most spectacular branch of sport. It's like a puzzle you're forced to solve using only your body. You don't need a lesson either, so you can start right away!

Lovense Kanaaldijk 47, 5013 BJ
10 minute walk from Hostel Roots

mountainbike stadsbos013


In 2015, the municipality of Tilburg made an appeal to come up with ideas for the forest area on the edge of the city. A number of enthusiastic mountain bikers came up with the initiative for a mountain bike route in Stadsbos013!

Bredaseweg, 5036 NA
20 minute bike from Hostel Roots