1 april bestaat Hostel Roots 1 jaar - Tilburg Netherlands

New website Hostel Roots

After having opened our doors for one year we thought it was time for a new website. We wanted to portray the WOW factor that guests experience when they step inside Hostel Roots onto our website. Together with Studio Web Presence we combined our creativity and spent weeks creating a website that we are super happy with. Of course, the site is constantly in development. Soon the website will be available in more languages (such as German and Spanish), including information over our agenda, events, and activities in Tilburg, and still much more!

As long as we continue to have guests, and continue to innovate, we will continue to present new
content, photos and information on our wonderful website.

Do you notice or miss something from the website? Or would you like to stay overnight? For more
information you can always contact us.

With super proud regards,
Koen & Marion

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