What does Hostel Roots do and offer during the Corona crisis

With our international team, who are staying with us for weeks or months, we welcome guests from all over the world. Because of this, Hostel Roots is more than just a hostel. Our team is a family, a community and we take care of each other. With the outbreak of this virus, two volunteers had to take a flight home as soon as possible. We have to miss them so suddenly, without a real GOODbye. Of course we support them and understand why they had to leave. Other volunteers feel safer with us than back home, they will remain with us as planned. All guests are canceling their stay because concert halls and entertainment venues are closed. Hotels can stay open, so we are open daily!

In the meantime we are moving forward. Together we are thinking about other initiatives to keep welcoming our guests, of course with appropriate measures, so they can always feel at home, just like we used to. We are still thinking in possibilities. This is why we are offering the following:

  • Diverse short-stay rooms, from a minimum of four nights, with a shared or private kitchen.
  • Coffee to go from €1,50
  • A private workplace for €30,- a day, including fast WIFI, coffee/tea and a free Roots Dopper (a gift from us to you) to refill with water.
  • Roots gift cards starting from €25,-. Which doctor, nurse, entrepreneur, volunteer or partner deserves a night out of the house? With every gift card you buy, you get a free Roots Dopper water bottle and a linen Roots bag!
  • Do you know somebody who needs help doing groceries? Our team wants to help! Our volunteers speak Spanish, English, Hungarian and Portuguese. They are ready to help!

The consequences of Coronavirus are big; financial uncertainty, solidarity, peace and forced respect towards mother nature. This is THE time to make a difference! Do your part and use a Roots Dopper (€12,50) and/or a Roots linen bag with the skyline of Tilburg (€4,50). Do you want to know more? Keep up with our socials, walk in (with proper distance of course) or contact us by email or phone.

Like every entrepreneur, we are trying to find a way to survive and we are taking extra measurements, because to us the health of our staff and guests is most important.

  • Our volunteers may use other rooms, so they can sleep separately.
  • In our private and dorm rooms, we only accept one booking a room.
  • Our staff washes their hands regularly and we use paper towels.
  • Every day we disinfect all contact points like door handles, railings, elevator buttons, and reception.
  • We disinfect our hands after every contact.
  • We have altered check-in and check-out times (Monday till Friday from 7.30AM till 8.00PM, on Saturday and Sunday from 8.30AM till 20.00PM).
  • We ask our staff and guests who have symptoms of the flu to stay home. Our volunteers can be isolated if needed.
  • We ask our guests to pay by card. If this is not possible we accept cash, but we ask our guests and staff to disinfect their hands after.
  • Until further notice we won’t serve our weekly Meal Deal.
  • Our staff works out together to stay fit and healthy.
  • Now that we have time, we are working on maintenance chores which we normally don’t have time for.

Roots wishes everybody lots of strength, success, awareness, solidarity, love and health during this time.

Team Roots 😉

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